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I see people for who they are now, and where they want to go.

As a counselor, I am committed to this truth: we are all yearning for acceptance and to be seen and heard. I feel it is my job to provide this service to every client who walks in my door. Whether it is shame, anger, anxiety, guilt—I aim to help people turn safely towards the things that are keeping them from reaching their true potential in order to attain connection, support, and peace.

My approach to counseling comes from a place of true curiosity and understanding, not judgement or shame. I am here to remind my clients that we all do things for a reason, and helping them uncover and understand the source of these motivations can be the key to breaking negative cycles. I am unwavering in my commitment to each client by being present, supportive, open, and understanding.

Couples & Marriage Counseling:

Do you find yourself getting trapped in negative relationship patterns, where it feels like you and your partner are having the same fight over and over again? Apart from the short term discomfort that can arise, these recurring disagreements often provide little resolution, leaving us feeling misunderstood and disconnected. This relationship dynamic is not only frustrating, it starts to impact our own individual happiness and health.

I assist couples by helping them step back and view their own relationship dynamic. In doing so, I engage in helping each partner understand their true voice and intentions in the moments of anger, blame, disconnection, or withdrawal. By deconstructing and slowing the script of the disagreement, each partner can begin to hear and experience one another in a new way. Ultimately, we build intimacy, safety, connection, and hope.

The model of counseling that I use when working with couples is called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Not only is this therapy model considered the standard in helping distressed couples, but it takes a non-blaming, holistic approach that I find imperative in helping couples heal, develop intimacy, and connection.

My goal is to help couples:

  • Improve communication and understanding.
  • Identify and understand the negative interaction cycles that keep couples locked in the same fights.
  • Identify the source of disconnect, and reestablish connection and closeness.
  • Help couples establish trust and heal after infidelity and betrayal.
  • Establish love and passion.


Infidelity is one of the most traumatic and devastating events to affect a relationship. Partners are often devastated and overwhelmed, not knowing how (or even if it’s possible) to rebuild trust, repair intimacy and establish connection. Couples often approach the issue feeling hopeless and confused. However, if addressed intentionally and together, infidelity does not need to be the beginning of the end to a relationship. In fact, with the help of a relationship counselor, couples can begin to address infidelity in a way that promotes trust and intimacy, helping to build a stronger and more connected relationship than before.

Individual Counseling:

We all have things that we wish we could change or improve about ourselves. On a deeper level, we all carry shame and fears that can induce anxiety and stress, ultimately affecting our happiness, relationships and productivity. My commitment to you is to create trust and safety, free of judgment and advice so that we can begin examining the dark feelings and understand what is needed in order to heal and improve.

I can help individuals who:

  • Have experienced significant abuse and trauma and want to heal those wounds in order to reduce anxiety and live happier, fuller lives.
  • Are experiencing anxiety, stress and changes in life stages or transitions.
  • Are unhappy with the current state of their relationship.
  • Are engaging in an extra marital affair.
  • Are wanting to move past relationship wounds from a previous relationship.

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